5 Top Performing Web Ad Sizes You Should Know

Photo by Taras Shypka on Unsplash

Web advertisements are extremely helpful in promoting your app, company, website, service, and more. There are a wide range of ad sizes you can find on the internet and use to reach out to more people! However, do they all have the same effectiveness? Nope, they are not all equal.

“But what if my design is great and has the potential to attract a lot of visitors?” Design is one thing, but ad size is another. Think about a full page ad. A full page ad may pop up once for 5 seconds on a page where you want it to appear on. After that, it disappears into the realm of other advertisements waiting to get their turn on someone’s screen. If you want it to stay on the side of a page while people are browsing through, you can choose a smaller size. With that being said, here are the 5 top performing ad sizes for Google!


Photo from AgentFire


1. 300 x 250

The 300 x 250 web ad is also called the “medium rectangle” which is small but still able to show text and images. Since it is an embedded ad within text, people will less likely ignore your banner compared to other banners that are not embedded.


2. 336 x 280

If the first ad is called a “medium rectangle,” then what should 336 x 280 be called? The answer is a “large rectangle” as it is similar in dimension but larger. Wow I am so surprised! Although it may have a little less impact compared to 300 x 250, it is still used by many publishers. This is another choice you can make when choosing ads to be placed within text.


3. 728 x 90

The “leaderboard” is a long, narrow ad that is usually at the top of a page and the first thing that visitors see. When it is on top of all the content, it will be viewed more, but when it is somewhere else on a website, you should reconsider choosing this ad size. Other than that, it is a great choice for you to put your banner out there for many to look at.


4. 300 x 600

How much space does this ad take up? Let me guess, a half page! At least, that is what a 300 x 600 size banner is called. It doesn’t really take up a half page but it is a huge ad that draws a lot of attention and provides more room for messages and images. People are more likely to click on it due to the visual impact. The “half page” is a rising banner size, so if you are stuck on which type to choose, this should be the one.


5. 320 x 100

Have you ever come across an ad on your phone and could not read the words on it no matter what? The “large mobile banner” is a horizontal banner like the 728 x 90 one but has a larger width and a smaller length. They are easy to read off of and that gives this ad size an advantage over the “leaderboard” ad on devices like phones.





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